On Life’s Threshold

For the visually challenged reader, this image shows a young man lounging against a door jamb with a hat held against his chest. The young man is quite a looker!

Standing on the threshold, your future unmapped
who knows what adventures lie ahead?
which paths will you take?
which avenues will you dawdle down?
what rewards will you seek?

Everything lies before you
the big world beckons.
Choose wisely, my son
but not too wisely.
Life’s not a dress rehearsal.

Written in response to SadjeWhat Do You See #50 photo prompt.
Image credit: Sean Lee – Unsplash

38 thoughts on “On Life’s Threshold

  1. Chris, what wonderful advice! I like the line that says he should “choose wisely, but not too wisely.”
    If a person spends his life doing all of what he should and none of what he dreams about, he will miss out on many opportunities, and may not make enough mistakes to learn much. One day he will be too old to win that marathon or swim the English Channel… and be filled with regret. Lovely poem, Chris!

    Take care, Cheryl ❤

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