The Good Fight

The image shows back of a man who is standing in a dark medieval entrance holding a flaming torch in his hand

Be brave, good knight,
and raise aloft your light
to shine on every corner of
this godforsaken kingdom.

Where people cower
beneath the all-powerful might
that dictates who should receive
the lion’s share of wealth.

Afraid, good knight,
that those in power
will snatch away your sword?

Yet you are on the side of right
your fight is just and true.

Fear not, good knight,
and lift your standard high!
Behold, we raise our heads above the parapet
throwing down the challenge of our begging bowls.

Together we will fight for what is right
for the future good of all.

Written in response to Sadjes What Do You See #53 photo prompt.
Image credit: Linus Sandvide – Unsplash

53 thoughts on “The Good Fight

  1. Hi Chris, I enjoyed your poem and was pleased to see its variety of verse types. I, only rarely, dabble in poetry. I guess this is because it’s an art form that I’ve never really investigated. I’m perhaps a bit of a poetry simpleton (some might say, it doesn’t end there. haha) and I tend to look for the standard “it has to rhyme” and “the verse must take a format of repetition”. Without a doubt, both of those are obviously misconceptions on my part, as clearly your poem succeeds in flouting these ‘rules’. I really enjoyed the work and hope that it may inspire me to be somewhat more imaginative in my own future renditions.

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    • Thanks, Graham 🙂 Personally, I like a bit of rule bending or even rule breaking, but perhaps I should’ve tagged this one as ‘free verse’. For me it’s the sound of the words and the rhythm that define my attempts at the poetic. Break free of those bonds, the poetry police aren’t listening 😉

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      • I don’t think you needed to label the piece at all Chris. I totally understood it just from the content. I would like to think I would have the bravery / ability to break away from ‘conventional’ verse. I think I spent too much time in my youth misusing my poetic skills listening to limericks, “There was a young man from Ealing”, etc.

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  2. Alot of deep emotions in there, I’m not sure if there’s a little of the state of affairs in there.
    But I love the way you wrote this regardless.

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    • You find me guilty as charged, Jude. My outrage at certain policies introduced across the world, which only increase the hardship of some, spilled over into this week’s entry. I’m pleased that you were able to reach beyond that though. 🙂

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  3. We certainly all need to work together to overcome our current ‘dragons’…
    Though that is really unfair to dragonkind… as some are very intelligent and kind.
    It is the ‘stupidstions’ and political rhetoric that will do us in.

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