Finally, All is Revealed

an old book

Sinead opened the Book. Her name appeared in fine illuminated script. More words danced down the page.

‘You overcame the Oppressors, not doubting the might of the fabled Blue Orb. You conquered your fear and retrieved the Chalice of Earthly Liberation from the Maze. You unswervingly followed the path to the Edge of the World, bearing the Crystal of Nor. You befriended the dwarves who Forged the Freedom Key.

You and noble Moonsprite brought all these sacred artefacts here without question, because you believed unerringly in the Book.

Because of you the Sisterhood has seen the error of its ways and will unite behind you. Others will come and sit at your side with Tarron, Lord of Elves and the Hound, Prince of Beasts.

You have proved your birthright. Mother Earth entrusts her Kingdom to you. The following pages are yours to write. Rule well, Sinead. This is your destiny.’

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And so, Sinead’s Final Quest is over and finally she has fulfilled her destiny. Previous episodes of our an epic tale, unfolding in tiny 150 word increments, can be found here.

But perhaps the story has only just begun?

29 thoughts on “Finally, All is Revealed

    • You’re too kind, Sadje! I have been thinking of developing it into a fantasy novel for a while, once I’ve finished a couple of other projects. It will need a lot of fleshing out, but to have some good characters and a basic plot line is a good start. I’d like to give Moonsprite a voice, although I never written from the point of view of a unicorn 🙂

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  1. Wow! That is an ending that could also be a beginning! That was truly an adventure! I think you could give Moonsprite a voice, it would be interesting to “hear” her thoughts as their voyage continues! Maybe even the hound’s …😀🦄🐶

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  2. The quest is over, but these characters are so real the journey could continue. I smiled as it became clear that Tarron turned out to be an ally. Thumbs up to Sinead, a worthy leader. I call her the HCIC, Head Chick In Charge. Great ending to a good series Chris.

    My dads health issues caused me to miss a bit this month, but I will backtrack to what I missed as time permits.

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