Traditionally Yours

Reaching out across the airwaves
tuneful voices high and sweet
echo brightly from a distant chapel
of vaulted ceilings and flickering candles

She sings along, only slightly out of tune
picturing pews of fresh-faced choirboys
with golden halo hair and snow-white surplices
wide-eyed and open mouthed

Smiling, she chops and slices
as the voices transport her
while her hands work busily
preparing for the feast

Now the warm summer wind drifts
through the open kitchen window
while wintery hymns
embrace her in nostalgia.

It’s my special festive tradition to listen to the carol service from King’s College Cambridge while cooking on Christmas Eve. This year will be no exception. Some particularly fond memories of mine come from the years when my husband had a bike shop and used to go out late on Christmas Eve to deliver the children’s bikes to their houses after they’d gone to bed, just like Santa Claus, while I made us a late supper of fishy treats.

Written in response to Sadjes What Do You See #60 photo prompt.

Image credit: Shche-Team @ Unsplash
(The image shows an outdoor scene. An old fashioned radio is placed next to a couple of candles and a wicker basket. Behind the radio is a pot full of blooming red flowers)

40 thoughts on “Traditionally Yours

  1. Love the reveal. I had just slipped into identification with the scene, and was wondering where you’d go, when you tipped me into a warmer sphere. How nice. Sounds idyllic, and mellow.

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  2. A beautiful poem and tradition shared Chris. How lovely to have these warm traditions to follow. A very happy Christmas to you my friend. Thanks for joining in with this wonderful poem.

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    • They are the absolutely top choristers in the land. I saw on the BBC news that they will be going ahead with the service this year, although to an empty chapel, but listening on the radio (or over here, on my laptop) it seems that they are singing just for me!

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  3. Thank you, Chris, beautiful words “Now the warm summer wind drifts, through the open kitchen window, while wintery hymns, embrace her in nostalgia” is perfect for me. Not only is it hot outside, I once sat in those pews and read the ancient hymn books in front of those choir boys, ah, double nostalgia – Gretchen.

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