Around the world…

A summer garden with lush green shrubs growing beyond a covered stoep where there is a table and chairs. Four painted coffee cups are set out on the window sill.
The view through my kitchen window today

Making preparations for the coming festivities, modest though they are again this year, I gaze out of my kitchen window. Carols from Cambridge are playing in the next room as I chop and stir. Craning up at the wide blue African sky, I think of all the friends I’ve made across the globe. The storytellers, the poets and the bloggers who through their words, thoughts and dreams make my world all the richer every day.

warm wind blows
while thoughts from abroad
embrace me

Be happy, be safe, and let us look to a better future for the world, my writing friends!

Traditionally Yours

Reaching out across the airwaves
tuneful voices high and sweet
echo brightly from a distant chapel
of vaulted ceilings and flickering candles

She sings along, only slightly out of tune
picturing pews of fresh-faced choirboys
with golden halo hair and snow-white surplices
wide-eyed and open mouthed

Smiling, she chops and slices
as the voices transport her
while her hands work busily
preparing for the feast

Now the warm summer wind drifts
through the open kitchen window
while wintery hymns
embrace her in nostalgia.

It’s my special festive tradition to listen to the carol service from King’s College Cambridge while cooking on Christmas Eve. This year will be no exception. Some particularly fond memories of mine come from the years when my husband had a bike shop and used to go out late on Christmas Eve to deliver the children’s bikes to their houses after they’d gone to bed, just like Santa Claus, while I made us a late supper of fishy treats.

Written in response to Sadjes What Do You See #60 photo prompt.

Image credit: Shche-Team @ Unsplash
(The image shows an outdoor scene. An old fashioned radio is placed next to a couple of candles and a wicker basket. Behind the radio is a pot full of blooming red flowers)

Christmas Hamper Challenge

0Christmas Hamper

What’s not to like about another little gift challenge!

Originating here from Rory at A Guy called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip and gifted onwards to me here by Teresa, The Haunted Wordsmith.

This is the challenge:
Pick five items for five bloggers and put them in the hamper. Then explain what you put in and why.

0Bettys Tea Rooms

My first pick is Afternoon Tea at Betty’s Tea Rooms in York where I went to school. 

This is for Teresa, The Haunted Wordsmith, to thank her for her gifts to me this year as well as for all her wonderful posts which keep us busy reading, writing and admiring her work. And it will be another little learning experience for her about us weird Brits!


0the-gin-boxWhile I was in Betty’s, I noticed this rather splendid Gin Box for my second pick.

Now I’m rather partial to a nip of this stuff myself. However, I immediately though of Ellie Scott, a self-confessed gin drinker.

For all those awesomely witty short stories we’ve enjoyed throughout the year.

Cheers, Ellie!


My third pick is an Illustrated World Atlas

This is for Foster and Panda at Nana’s Whimsical World, so they can choose where to go on their next adventure!

Have fun little guys! (I won’t tell Debra).



0map of worldSo while I was picking out the atlas, I came across this Outline World Map. This was perfect for my fourth pick.

It goes to Mickey & Yunni at Freja Travels  so they can colour in all the wonderful countries which we’ve enjoyed hearing about on their travel blog. Thanks for sharing with us!

It really was an excellent book shop, because I also found this for my fifth and final pick.

The latest edition of Roget’s Thesaurus, I was tempted to keep this for myself as my copy is so old and battered.

However, it goes to J.I. Rogers, just in case she runs out of words for her Six Word Challenges, as if you would, Jenn!
Keep ’em coming!


I hope you enjoy your virtual pressies.

As ever, you can pick this up and roll with it or not!

0happy hols




Six-Word Story Challenge x 6

Written in response to J. I. Rogers’ Six-Word Story Challenge

12 days of Christmas lunasonline

Norwegian Blues you say, all dead?

This one? From husband number five.

The biggest omelette in the world!

The lake was still, they’d flown.

Sour milk? That was her face.

That’s a big pile of handbags!