Bringing us together ~ words have wings!

Last Friday, it was with great delight that I released a new word into the blogosphere. Braccaneer has been added to the lexicon of our lives.  No sooner was the post out, than Tom from Beyond the Sphere, had come up with a badge! Not just one, but a range from which to choose. As Tom has generously offered, go and help yourselves!

Words link us all together, don’t they? That’s what we do here on WP.

Out in the big wide world, words also bring us together and it was just two years ago that I became involved in the Writing My City Project which brought people from all over Cape Town together to write stories and poems about their city. My small part of the project was, with the invaluable help of the Head Librarian, Bongi, to lead a series of writing workshops in her library for a group of women whose life experiences and life chances are very different to mine. Together we teased out some beautiful and heart-wrenching stories. It was a privilege to share the experience with them.

I hadn’t thought about it recently, but I was really saddened to learn that the Suiderstrand Library, where our writing group met, had burned to the ground last weekend. I really hope the City of Cape Town rebuild it for the sake of the local community and the dedicated staff. My copy of the anthology, containing my humble contribution is safe on my shelves at home, but I’m sorry for the loss of a great little library and its books.

But on a much brighter note, here’s my big news of the week

Diverse contributors around the worId have been brought together in a new collection of poetry and art, edited and published by Tara Caribou of Raw Earth Ink. Tara writes the most exquisite, visceral poetry and I’m honoured that she selected all five of the poems that I submitted to her latest project, Creation and the Cosmos.

Within “Creation and the Cosmos”, you will discover nature’s revelation transformed into poetry, rhyme, digital photographic art, painting, photography, and more.
Throughout these pages, thirty-two artists and writers from all over the world express their emotions and thoughts as seen through the wide-open eyes of nature. From stars and moon, birds in flight, the raging storm, a deer’s quiet passing, the salty depths of the sea, rolling hills and towering mountains: there is art in all creation.
Sink your hands into the rich soul-soil of humanity’s finest creators and allow all of nature, both dark and light, to impress its artistry in your heart.

Creation and the Cosmos will be out in paperback and ebook, and is due for release on 23rd March 2021. I haven’t seen the book yet, but I know from my own paperback copy of Tara’s poetry collection Four, that this will be a beautiful book to hold in your hands. Save the release date when I’ll be posting the links to where you can get your hands on a copy.

“…and then, I have nature and art and poetry, and if that is not enough, what is enough?”~ Vincent Van Gogh

40 thoughts on “Bringing us together ~ words have wings!

  1. Devastating news about the library, Chris, but excellent news about Creation and the Cosmos. I’m sure the Cosmos has great plans for both.
    Oh and onwards, ever onwards fellow braccaneers!

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  2. I hated to see the burned out ruins of your library. What a loss to the community.

    I’m very pleased to see the choice of Bracconeer badges. I’ll have to decide which one suits me best.

    Congratulations on your inclusion in the Creation and the Cosmos anthology!

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    • The ward councillor is looking at how they will restore the library services, maybe with a mobile facility to start with, but it’s such a shame, they only just had a refit with new computers last year.
      But yes, on the bright side, Tom has spoiled us for choice with his range of badges. I’m wondering about switching mine for the one with just a symbol, like a secret society 😉
      And of course, I’m very excited about the anthology! Have a lovely day, Liz 🙂

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  3. So it turns out I have been a “bracconeer” all my life, I just didn’t know it! My high school’s mascot was a buccaneer, so I guess I was a bracconeer buccaneer. 😬I always think the Foster and Panda stories sort of “write themselves”, once I get the main idea going. Glad to see there is a logo for it. And that your new word is taking off!

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