I know you’re there
watching, silently
out there, always out there
monitoring my movements

the click of a camera
the slam of a car door
behind me
a flash of movement
reflected in a window
will I ever be rid of you?

monitoring my movements
out there, always out there
watching, silently
I know you’re there.

Written in response to Sadje‘s What do You See #73 photo prompt.

Image credit: Sonny Mauricio @ Unsplash
The image shows a bald eagle sitting in the bare branches of a tree. It is looking down at the camera.

66 thoughts on “Stalker

      • Thank you! I write what I call serial prompts. They follow the weekly or in some cases daily prompts using the prompts to move the story along and they take me to some great ideas. I am in the start of a murder/mystery series of books. One is just in beta reader critiques right now. It will eventually be posted on the blog once edited. I do have one small piece on there. A part of my memoir. It still needs editing so might change some, but for now it is as I wrote it. My longer serials are on the “three things challenge” and the first one came out to about 40 pieces and this current one came out to almost 20 so far. Now that I thought about it I should have used Vista in one of them, but I didn’t think about adding more than one prompt to the story to just lately. I probably could have worked Vista in differently, but I think this one actually worked out pretty good. Probably won’t do much with it since it is kind of like Sci Fi, but who knows. I have used Sammi’s before for my serial prompts. Just depends on what the next word is.

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          • Yes, fun, most of the time. LOL! Just before this one I ended one with a Happily Every After, but in the book it won’t be. I am trying not to get to dark and violent with these since the prompt sites ask that they be family reading. This current one is getting a little bit dark now. Not sure how far to take it. So book one is lighter, but two and three will be much darker. Hard to keep all of this up though.

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  1. Oh my, a bit chilly Chris, with a strong stalker tension. I have read this by mistake before starting on mine so I’m sure to go in a different direction when I get round to it but I love yours.

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      • Ah… no leopards here. I’m on an outside edge with a utility easement – so I see deer too. I think we actually had a bear in the city last year! Closest “cat’ is a Bobcat.

        ‘The bobcat, also known as the red lynx, is a medium-sized cat native to North America. It ranges from southern Canada, most of the contiguous United States to Oaxaca in Mexico.’

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