Making War

Gaia’s mantle shifts; I gear up for another astral transformation. I multiply, the same being, my very essence, replicates exponentially. Shimmering but not silent, the words of suggestion well up in my mouth as I creep into the consciousness of the rich and powerful that govern so-called humanity; the privileged who instigated their own rescue from the Great Wave that destroyed lesser mortals.

I unleash insidious whispers; spilling into seductive thoughts, temptation floods their avaricious hearts. Now’s the time to strike: the world can be mine!

Hypnotised by greed
they’ll unleash the dogs of war:
which one will strike first?

Image credit: Håkon Grimstad on Unsplash

Written in response to two challenges:

Di of Pensitivity101‘s Wednesday’s Three Things Challenge – SAME, WELL, TEMPTATION
– Denise Farley of 
GirlieOnTheEdge‘s Sunday’s Six Sentence Story Word Prompt – GEAR

I have also set myself the additional challenges of confining my piece to 100 words exactly and writing this, now ongoing story, in the haibun form. Just for fun!

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61 thoughts on “Making War

  1. further momentum… both in the narrative (and imo, what’s an organism gonna do when the world itself makes it non grata) and the writing process.

    Being a huge fan of ‘live story-telling, I identify with the excitement and suspense of pushing a set of characters and contexts off the crest of the hill and trying to keep up…lol creative writing in the truest sense.

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