Blood Moon

After a solid day’s trekking, the hunters are cheered to find a group of thorn trees, indicating the presence of precious water. Aquila flies on, scouting for a cave to protect them from the coming night.

Distracted as they forage for food, the hunters fail to sense the danger. A lioness leaps, the group scatters, but an older man lags behind; Owab turns, raises his spear, but he’s too late.

Gripped by powerful jaws, the lions move in; by morning there will be nothing left but bones.

The pride is sated
and under a blood-red moon
a shooting star falls.

Previous episodes of this little African adventure are here.

Photo credit: Nick Owuor

Written in response to two challenges:

– Di of Pensitivity101‘s Wednesday’s Three Things Challenge – HORN, CHEER, SOLID
– Denise Farley of GirlieOnTheEdge‘s Sunday’s Six Sentence Story Word Prompt – PRESENCE

I also set myself the additional challenges of confining my piece to 100 words exactly and writing in the haibun form. Just for fun!

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54 thoughts on “Blood Moon

  1. circle of life, yo, circle of life
    (maybe the curse of the apple of a certain tree was to become aware of the circle and, by doing so, step outside of it, at least in terms of how we relate to the most fundamental aspects of life
    the lion does not feel regret for killing to provide for the pride and, I suspect, will not feel resentful when the tables are turned

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  2. Excellent, Chris. I thought this episode was bleak and full of omens, like how Aquila had gone ahead, how Owab failed to protect the elder member, how the lions had to be sated come what may and seek their own nourishment. That moon (and comet) had quite some pull eh!

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