kaleidoscope girl

brazen beauty strutting on the stage
taunting, teasing, technicolour dreams
reaching for the bright lights
looking for the wrong types
see me, touch me, feel me
take me, make me yours

drenched in glitz and glamour
splayed legs go on forever
shiny skin, huge black eyes
lips that shine and pout
beat thumping, heart racing
she can never give enough

falling, sprawling
every night another bed
white lines, liquid gold
rolling in the sultry dark
waking, shaking
dress torn and lipstick smeared

it happened once too often

star winked out

peel her from your wall
fold her up
and put her
in your pocket.

Written in response to Sadje‘s What do You See #90 photo prompt.

Image credit: Sean Robertson @Unsplash
The image shows a painting of a woman on a wall. There are words scribbled on the sides of the wall art and people have drawn on the face too.

69 thoughts on “kaleidoscope girl

  1. Epic, Chris. Powerful, sad, tragic. Has an 80s vibe going from the pic prompt to your words to the Siouxsie track… (man, wished I’d gone to see her and the Banshees when I had chance back in the day). 😎

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  2. Very descriptive, Chris, with a nice, sudden twist at the end there… although the path does lead us to that conclusion. Your words work well with the picture.

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  3. Very vivid, tragic, and heartbreaking. Oh my word. There’s a broken tone in this piece that communicates well that desperation and longing for something more, whether it be wealth, love, or affirmation. Re-reading it, it just breaks my heart all over again as people can live in a perpetual misery like that, hoping to fill that gap inside and it just doesn’t work.

    Your poem is weaved with amazing imagery that makes each word hit hard, but it is heard. Very haunting and chilling indeed. ❤ ❤

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  4. After reading through all the comments I can say that I, too, could feel the sense of hopelessness in this one. I think Lucy says it best with the phrases “a broken tone”, and “haunting and chilling”. It’s a powerful poem.

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