Do you believe in faeries? ~ episode 11

Illustration from the Rose Fyleman Fairy Book


Bethany stared round-eyed at Lobelia as she fluttered through the open window and landed at Greta’s feet, without doubt, the anxious creature was one of the faerie folk; Lobelia returned Bethany’s astonished gaze, ‘so the golden-haired child has returned!’

‘We thought so too, Lobelia, but she wasn’t wearing the travelling bracelet we left for her, so she can’t be,’ said Greta, looking at Bethany doubtfully, ‘she just appeared out of nowhere, and now two more Other Worlders are here; Captain Stinger and his soldiers took them away just now.’ Greta slammed the window shut, ‘you say the Shoemaker’s wife has been arrested for Word-Singing?’

Lobelia nodded, her wings drooping for a moment, ‘so many people have been taken away for Word Crimes since the Owl-King arrived: we must do something to restore justice!’ cried Lobelia. ‘All the other faeries have gone into hiding until a solution is found,’ she stared up at Bethany, ‘and if she isn’t the golden-haired child, who can we pin our hopes on?’

Greta looked at Hans, ‘I think the time has come for us to take matters into our own hands; after all, the Owl-King doesn’t know that Bethany isn’t the golden-haired child, does he?’

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Written in response to two challenges:

Di of Pensitivity 101’s Wednesday’s Three Things ChallengePIN, SOLUTION, WITH
Denise Farley of GirlieOnTheEdge’s Sunday’s Six Sentence Story Word Prompt: RESTORE

Bryony, Bethany and Mr Eyre first appeared in my historical fantasy fiction novel, Following the Green Rabbit. They’ve been begging to go on another adventure and now they’ve got their wish!

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55 thoughts on “Do you believe in faeries? ~ episode 11

  1. Ah ha! What better to charge the adventure than assumed identities (or might that be personae*)?

    (Technical compliment: it’s always work to keep characters organized, but when you’re working in multiple realities, surely that is 2.7 times more arduous. While I possess a number of tools to keep everyone straight, I find simply re-reading the story as the only work-around to … Now what did they do to be…

    *just wanted an opportunity to use that spelling. lol

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  2. Such lovely, light language as befits the faeries, Chris – ‘her wings drooping for a moment’ – I can see her.
    Looking forward to the next episode to see how the story develops.
    You’ve left us wondering and eager…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m reading this with Atomic Mage’s soundbyte from this week’s prompt in the background.
    Adds an additional and unexpected twist to your wonderful words!
    ❤ this series!

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