Like catching falling leaves

The image shows three young men standing by the roadside and laughing at a shared joke.

Oh, did we savour
time’s sweetest moments?
Fleeting memories
of shared jokes
of youthful conquests
of time gleefully misspent.

We should’ve savoured
life’s honeyed passage.
Fading recollections
of vows exchanged
of time well-spent
of dreams almost fulfilled.

Oh, we should relish
our happy golden years!
Savouring remembrances
like catching falling leaves
precious memorials
to time now past.


Image credit: Jed Villigo @ Unsplash
The image shows three young men standing by the roadside and laughing at a shared joke.

Written in response to Sadje‘s What Do You See #119 photo prompt

87 thoughts on “Like catching falling leaves

  1. Continuing the memory discussion-
    It is strange indeed when we realize that the memories kept are different from the incidents we considered important at the time of their occurrence.

    Falling leaves,yes…

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  2. Truly, one of the great challenges of these adulting years is keeping up with friends from afar. Whether met online (xxxxxx) or met in school long ago, our lives’ obligations so often overwhelm us and wall us in from the friendships. But those same friends are often dealing with their own walls, too, which is why when the rare moment arrives and we can climb over those walls for a little while, that we are able to laugh and connect just as we used to. 🙂 LOVE this, Chris, the perfect way to start a Monday!

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    • I’m delighted you enjoyed this, Jean. It’s true, it’s easy to lose touch, but then we know that as friends, we can pick up a conversation left off, at anytime… as if we’d never been away.🤗💖

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  3. My favorite phrase from this is “time gleefully misspent”. Amazing how much time we do “misspend” through the course of our lives. But maybe, if we misspent it gleefully, it wasn’t wasted after all. 🤔


  4. We live so many different stages of life. When we get to our ‘golden years’ we oft wonder where time flew. And yet there is so much more to learn if we could be just a tad adventurous 😀

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  5. Memories are the strangest things on earth! That happy memories make us sad and sad ones make us smile for the very same reason that they are memories now seems so strange to me! Sweet-savoury!

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  6. This is an amazing poem…it says so much about life and about friendship. Both in youth and in our older years, we must cherish the hours and the remarkable people we share our lives with. When we are young, it seems as if time will go on forever…that is the beauty of youth! Excellent poem!!!

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