Paradise or Prison?

When Sinead lifted her head from Moonsprite’s neck, the emerald-robed woman had wandered off a little way. Moonsprite pawed the ground gently; the woman turned to them and beckoned.

‘Walk with me.’ She indicated a golden-lit path through a flower-filled glade. ‘You have travelled far, Sinead,’ she continued. ‘What news of the Oppressors?’

‘They are defeated, Madam,’ Sinead replied. ‘All of them have been destroyed.’

The woman nodded, pacing on in silence.

‘…are you Mother Earth?’ asked Sinead hesitantly.

‘Me? No, my dear. I am the Gatekeeper.’

Sinead’s hand hovered over the hilt of her sword. Moonsprite whinnied gently. Nothing to fear.

‘But where is Mother Earth? I’ve been sent to set her free.’ Sinead took the Freedom Key from her tunic.

The Gatekeeper smiled. ‘Then we must hasten to the gate.’ She broke her stride and turned to Sinead. Her face bore an expression which Sinead could not decipher.

Image credit: ‘Dreamy Alley’ by Leonid Afremov on Deviant Art

Previous episodes of Sinead’s Final Quest an epic tale, unfolding in tiny 150 word increments.

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