What I’ve been reading #3

Challenge Completed!

#ArmedWithABingo is a year-long reading challenge hosted by Kriti Khare & Ariel Joy and this is my end of September update.

The books I read for the challenge in this third quarter of the year are highlighted in gold, but aside from the challenge, I’ve read a dozen or so more. I’ve always read a wide range of genres but the #armedwithabingo challenge has encouraged me to read even more widely. So far this year, I’ve enjoyed every single book I’ve read. What a happy place to be!

My Year in Books 2020 (so far)

If you’re curious to know what I thought of any of the books I’ve read, pop over to Goodreads where you’ll find my reviews.

Have you a book that you’d like to recommend to me? Drop in a response below!

30 thoughts on “What I’ve been reading #3

      • Oh my god Chris. That is the most wonderful thing I’ve heard today! You’re just too kind and too humble! I’m not sure how many books I’ve read so far this year, but I’m absolutely impressed with your dedication to read and your love for books! And I’m so glad you are enjoying my amateur review! I’m so glad to find you through this blogging community and you’re just SO AMAZING!

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  1. Wow you’ve been busy reading! I wonder if there is a “bingo” for books listened to on Audible?😋 I recently heard “ River of Doubt” about Teddy Roosevelt’s expedition in the Amazon, and “Jungle of Stone” about explorers Stephenson and Catherwood. Mostly while working on mosaics LOL 😋

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    • I’m sure listening to books counts too! I like the sound of those accounts of exploration – the sort of thing I’d seek out to listen to when I spent many hours driving for my job. I have to be busy with something when listening to an audiobook or else I nod off. Must be my age 😉

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  2. You have a well rounded list of books. I have an audio book that is pretty good. Its called “Stuck” by Chris Grabenstein. Its about a boy reliving being 16 years old… ten times. Email me later if you’d like a listen. I will get you one for all your support.

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  3. Elizabeth smart by grand central station I lay down and wept; the bell jar sylvy Plath; fear of flying erica jong; in cold bloody truman capote; morvern callar by alan warner

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    • Interesting suggestions! I read The Bell Jar (at school) – worth revisiting, I think, and Fear of Flying (also long ago). Never read any Capote, and the last one’s new to me. I shall check it out 🙂

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