Trust Me

The image shows a hand extended out with a little bird sitting on it. In the background one can see a lake and its shore in distance.

Little heart fluttering
in the palm of my hand
what delight to share a moment
with such a pretty little creature!
Won’t you stay awhile?

Scooped from the rail
my tiny bones quake
and now, eyes squeezed shut
I wait for the giant to crush me
in its big, clumsy fist.

Be calm, little bird
do not fear me
allow me to look more closely
admire the beauty
of your bright plumage.

The hand seems gentle
but I shan’t be taken in.
I open a wary eye
prepare for flight
I’m gone!

Farewell, little bird
I’ll listen for your song
here by the lake
me, in gentle harmony
with nature.

Written in response to SadjeWhat Do You See #49 photo prompt.
Image credit: Evan Clark – Unsplash

53 thoughts on “Trust Me

  1. I saved the life of a baby swift fallen to the ground once. It stayed overnight, and the next day I threw it up in the sky and it flew away. They say the swifts one back to the same place they were born every year, and each summer I wonder if it remembers us. It might, it seemed very intelligent 🙂

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    • How wonderful! The few birds I’ve tried to rescue haven’t had such happy endings. I’m sure it does recognise you. If they can remember places, I’m sure they can remember people. Especially ones who rescue them. 🙂


      • The most interesting part is that it seemed to understand I wanted to help it. It was extremely warm weather, which is probably the reason it fell to the ground trying its wings, and it jumped voluntarily towards me and into our flat from the balcony (after bringing it on from the street). I don’t know if there’s been any studies of their cognitive abilities, but it seems highly conscious of itself and its surroundings.

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