Purple Prose

Like luminous petals falling
Over lush green lawns your
Violet verses float down in
Eloquent abundance.

Love-filled lyrics pervade the ether
Elegant stanzas resonate with rhyme
Tantalising texts torment my senses
Tempting cantos seep into my soul
Eternal love spills from your pen while
Rhythms of ecstasy permeate my heart.

Written in response to Sadje‘s What do You See #65 photo prompt.

Image credit: Simona Sergi @ Unsplash
The image shows an envelope hanging by a white thread. In the background there is a house entrance

49 thoughts on “Purple Prose

  1. While I must confess to a certain color-blindness to words that create poetry and such, I do enjoy the evocative, the try-and-resist-the-inner-need-to-visualize words that I felt reading this.

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  2. Fun. I’m the one generally writing love letters to my hubby… Works for me. We each have our strengths.
    Once, just once I did get a bouquet of roses for an anniversary. I take his smile as love letters – and those are abundant 😉

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