Naughty but Nice

The image shows shows a tray lined with brown paper filled with doughnuts.

Oh, how I crave your
sweet succulent charms
long to smell the perfume
of your honey-coloured skin

Oh, how yearn for your
sweet yielding softness
ache for the touch
of your full fragrant form

I hunger to taste
your deep spicy sweetness
to nibble, caress and
sate my desire

temptation takes over
my lips are a-tremble
I close my eyes
and swallow you up.

Image credit: Jovan Vasiljević

Written in response to Sadjeβ€˜s What do You See #103 photo prompt.

82 thoughts on “Naughty but Nice

  1. Yum. I can think of some other foods besides donuts that your verses could apply.
    I think your verses could also make a cute children’s book – with fun bakery illustrations!

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