The image shows a red neon sign that reads “Vacancy” over a black background.

Trudging through dark, rain-drenched streets, sodden feet sliding over cobbles, hope ebbs away, like rivulets flowing over muddy gutters. The storm rages beyond the border, and wave upon wave of the cowed and the cowering flee; families struggling, dragging straggling old folk and hungry, wailing kids. Doors open, women beckon, many are taken in. But not us.

midnight approaches
and now the streets are empty
will we ever find refuge?


Image credit: Carter Saunders @ Unsplash
The image shows a red neon sign that reads “Vacancy” over a black background.

Written in response to Sadje‘s What Do You See #123 photo prompt

68 thoughts on “Outsiders

  1. Such a heartbreaking story Chris. I can see where you got your inspiration from. The situation in Ukraine is effecting everyone these days. Thanks for joining in with this evocative take.

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  2. I always look for hope, Chris; this current situation is trying to chip away at that, but there’s always hope.
    Your poem sums up the innocent’s side well, trapped, escaping and looking for hope.

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  3. I read that Queen Elizabeth made a rather huge donation to the Ukraine. One can only hope the monies goes to where it is needed most. In our area we have a large Ukraine population (from the first time there was conflict and folks left). I can only imagine the distress they feel. I know there are many avenues available to send support there – but for those who have left… where do they go, will they also be helped. A very good write inspired by current events.

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    • I started to reply to you yesterday and then there was another unexpected blackout! Anyway, what I almost said…
      I hadn’t heard that QE2 had donated, although I know she does a lot in her private capacity. Good for her! They’ve been interviewing Ukrainian immigrants of long-standing on the radio here. So sad to hear what they say about their fears for their families still over there and their love for their country and people.

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