The Hatter

The Hatter by Chris Hall lunasonline
‘1920s Hat Shop Girl’ (photographer unknown)

She makes hats for a living. Every kind of hat, for every kind of occasion. Very special hats.

She’s famous in the town for her hats and what her hats can do. You see, she’s a crafter of dreams, a bringer of good fortune and her hats are enchanted.

They bring you health and wealth and happiness. But there’s a catch. You must pay her your dues.  And once she’s caught you in her net, there’s nothing you can do.

Try to speak out against her? Denounce her actions?

Better not. Not if you want a long and happy life.

9 thoughts on “The Hatter

  1. I love the photo! It reminds me of the chapter “A Pot of Tea” in Agatha Christie’s book “Partners in Crime”. Tommy and Tuppence have some entertaining conversations about hats, and I think it was about that time period as the photo you used.

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    • I’d never read the “Partners in Crime” books, in fact, I’d never heard of them until I saw the TV series. I’m not sure if it would have been shown in the US, but it was brilliant! I’ve since found a couple of the books in our local library – she wrote several, set over several decades. Wonderful stuff. I loved the two main characters.

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      • Yes, Tommy and Tuppence are my favorites, as far as I know I have all of them on Audible books, read by Hugh Frasier. Of course everyone likes Poirot, but I think the Beresfords are the most fun. “N or M” is another good one, set when they are older and their kids are grown. Amazing how she did that, bringing the same characters through decades!

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