Return to the Circle

I fall through a shower of effervescent light particles and land with a jolt, my nostrils filling with the simple scent of sandalwood overlaying the smell of decay. My uncle’s kindly face comes into focus, he sits in his library, surrounded by his cherished possessions; the lines on his face are entrenched, his shoulders stooped; he has aged – a decade or more. I glance at my hands, the still-smooth skin suggests I have not.

‘Hasten to the Stones,’ he commands. I rise and approach him, but I’m dismissed.

Megaliths murmur:
On the Eve of the Dawning
Gaia greets your return.

Photo by

Written in response to two challenges:

– Di of Pensitivity101‘s Wednesday’s Three Things Challenge – KIND, POSSESIONS, SIMPLE
– Denise Farley of GirlieOnTheEdge‘s Sunday’s Six Sentence Story Word Prompt – EFFERVESCENT

I have also set myself the additional challenges of confining my piece to 100 words exactly and writing this, now ongoing story, in the haibun form. Just for fun!

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57 thoughts on “Return to the Circle

  1. Excellent work in creating that feeling of being carried forward in time/in a process, like the reverse of the nightmare we’ve all had of trying to escape the unspecified threat but our legs must force their way through something both invisible and resistant.
    Well evoked.

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  2. I like the contrast between the aging of the uncle while the narrator had not aged at all. There is a mystery in going to those stones. I like that photo of the sunrise (or set) against those monoliths.

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