What will become of us – a poem for Earth Day


I first posted this poem two years ago. A year later, when we were under lockdown and the noise of engines fell silent and wild animals walked the streets, it seemed that nature just might have a chance, but once again, pollution spews, plastic continues to fill the oceans and the ice caps are melting even more quickly. Today, Earth Day 2021, I find my poem is just as relevant, maybe more so.

Image credit: Mother Earth by gedomenas

39 thoughts on “What will become of us – a poem for Earth Day

  1. I must have missed this one two years ago. I know I’ve been following your blog at least that long 🤔 Anyway I love the way you did the shape of the poem. And yes, the sons of Adam and the daughters of Eve have made quite a mess of things!

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  2. I think this is an incredible poem, Chris. I am writing a Cli-fi book about this exact thing right now. Sadly, until the cost of not making changes outweigh the benefits from fossil fuels, I don’t expect anything will change. People in power are greedy and short sighted.

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  3. What indeed, Chris?
    Some of us are doing little bits to help the Earth… although some of us could do a little bit more. Me included, being honest.
    Good poem, Chris… hope you had a good Earth Day. 🙂

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